Storage Options in Nampa, ID

At Kings Gate Storage, we offer a wide variety of storage sizes to meet your needs.

  • 5x5
    • Truck Load or Boxes

  • 5x10
    • 2-3 Truck Loads If No Large Furniture,
    • 1 Bedroom Apartment

  • 5x15
    • 2-3 Truck Loads
    • 2 Bedroom Apartment

  • 10x10
    • 4 Truck Loads
    • 2 Bedroom Apartment

  • 10x15
    • 3 Bedroom Household
    • Can Store A Small Car
  • 10x20
    • Single Car Garage Size

  • 10x24
    • 3-4 Bedroom Home With Some Garage Items

  • 10x30
    • 4 Bedroom Home With Some Garage Items

  • 12x30
    • 4+ Bedroom Home
    • Great For Commercial Use

  • 12x35
    • 4+ Bedroom Home
    • Great For Commercial Use
If you are in need of regular visits to your storage unit, we suggest a slightly larger size for easier access. We also have electric gate openers available for rent. They are great for those who make frequent trips in and out of the gate. We have designated areas for your vehicles, RV, or boat. Our covered parking ranges in size from 10 x 15 to 15 x 40; uncovered parking starts at 10 x 20 and goes to 12 x 35 feet.

RV Parking

RVs - Storage Facility in Nampa, ID

Climate-Controlled Units

One major advantage of climate-controlled storage is protection from the elements. Our units are located inside a finished building, unlike regular storage units. Dirt and dust are less likely to be transferred indoors, which is good news for fragile antiques and sensitive musical instruments.

Renting a unit from our climate controlled facility gives you peace of mind. Precious family heirlooms, antiques and other valuable items may or may not survive long term storage in regular storage units. Units located indoors greatly reduces infestation of outside pests. With climate controlled storage, there is less chance of discovering significant damage to weather-sensitive items. Storing in a climate controlled facility is well worth the extra expense if you plan on storing your most prized possessions for the next generation.
Trailer Storage - Storage Facility in Nampa, ID

Security & Facility Access

We have gated entry ways that require a special security code, individually selected by each tenant. Our entry ways are protected with a key pad entry, iron gates, and 24 hour video surveillance. Every unit door is protected with a Bezel Cylinder Lock. Our bezel locks are the most up-to-date protection for securing and protecting your items. Bezel locks are engineered to be inaccessible without the key.

Daily access is available 7 days a week from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. 24-hour access is available for a temporary time upon request for your moving convenience.